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Healing Centered Medicine

Functional Medicine consultation is for people interested in taking their health care to the next level. This is health care tailored to the individual. It is a comprehensive look at a person; your medical history, your habits, your frustrations, and your health goals. We provide consultation to people with complex conditions or conditions that continue to burden a person despite use of standard treatments. Our services do not replace Primary Care and all clients are expected to have a Primary Care Physician.

Initial Consultation $425

In your first visit, I will obtain a complete medical history. The key to functional medicine is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of health problems. That generally entails a detailed conversation about your current state of health, health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. At that point, I will discuss with you potential approaches and recommended laboratory workups. This visit will last any where from 60 to 90 minutes and is primarily an information gathering and sharing session. I may make some simple recommendations at this time, but most advice will be deferred until after lab and physical exam results are in and I have had time to thoughtfully consider your case.

Physical Exam and Lab Review $375

The second visit is scheduled a week or two after the initial consultation. During your second visit, I  typically perform a physical exam and order lab work. Sometimes it will be appropriate to order lab work during the initial consultation and if so, I will discuss the results with you during your second visit. Also, we will review what may be causing your health problems and what supplementation (vitamin, minerals, herbs), diet, and lifestyle changes may be needed. We will discuss treatment alternatives, if any, and I may also order other medications appropriate for your care.

Fees For Established Clients

15 Minute Consult $81

30 Minute Consult $163

45 Minute Consult $245

60 Minute Consult $325

90 Minute Consult $490

Phone Consults:  Phone consultations are billed 

at $300 per hour. There is no charge for quick five-

minute calls to clarify information.      

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches


Jenny Johnson

Colorado Springs, Colorado 


Tom Reed

Boulder, Colorado


Cancellation Policy


Please be considerate by providing a 48-hour notice for cancelled appointments. This helps me to accommodate others who may need that time slot. There will be a $50 cancellation fee for a no-show or a less than 48-hour cancellation notice.