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Healing Centered Medicine

Shortly after we started dating, I diagnosed the man I would marry with type 2 diabetes. It made no sense to him; he equated type 2 diabetes with obesity and older age. He was in his 30s and was not overweight. I trusted that the medical care he received from his endocrinologist and his primary care doctor was exactly what he needed and that he was getting great medical care. 

It took years before I started to question what the best medical care should be for a type 2 diabetic. The diabetes drugs my husband was taking worked for a while then they would stop working and he would be switched to the latest pharmaceutical. We lost valuable time trying to get the insurance company to approve these newer drugs. Next, oral diabetes drugs could not bring down his high blood sugar and insulin was prescribed. The list of prescription medications he was taking kept growing – high-dose statin, Welchol, two oral diabetes drugs, and insulin doses that were periodically increased.

Although my husband was taking more and more medication, his quality of life grew worse – not better. He now was overweight, had an “insulin belly,” frequently had no energy, and experienced “brain fog.” Those conditions affected every aspect of his life – his career, our relationship, his friendships all suffered as a result. Despite the prescription medications, his blood sugar was not controlled; it was excessively high; it would often be in the 200s, and sometimes even in the 300s!  

After much research through medical literature and functional medicine course work at the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), I now see chronic disease in a different light. By addressing root causes, I am able to guide patients to improved quality of life by better management of their chronic conditions. 

Under my supervision my husband followed a personalized diet that allowed him to be satisfied with the food he was eating. It also eliminated spikes in blood sugar and gradually brought down his blood sugar. By following this personalized diet and making some lifestyle adjustments, my husband lost the extra pounds and the insulin belly. He feels better, the brain fog is gone, the food cravings are gone. He has energy and is thriving. He no longer needs insulin or the many other prescription medications he once took. 

The common theme I see between diabetes and many other chronic diseases is that what conventional medicine has to offer leads to more pills and worsening quality of life for the patient. Once I saw the transformation achieved in my husband’s life, I wanted to offer this type of medicine, this healing, to others. That’s why my Functional Medicine private practice is called Healing-Centered Medicine. I prescribe prescription medications when needed, yet I concentrate on healing the body, mind, and soul – the whole person. It is a relationship-based practice that focuses on making the person whole. I will devise a plan that will specifically address your medical condition(s).

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