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Healing Centered Medicine

Welcome to Healing-Centered Medicine


Healing-Centered Medicine, LLC is the Functional Medicine Private Practice of Adla Angelina, MD. My goal is to provide medical care that makes it possible to reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of functional medicine. My practice is a partnership between the patient and me, and I focus on determining the root causes of health conditions. The best way to heal the body is naturally through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Examples of Conditions I Treat

 · Acne

· Anxiety/Stress

· Autoimmune Conditions

· Bloating & Constipation

· Brain Fog

· Cravings

· Dry Eyes

· Diabetes

· Fatigue/Lack of Energy

· Heart Disease

· High Blood Pressure

· High Cholesterol

· Hypothyroidism


· Metabolic Syndrome/Pre-Diabetes

· Overweight & Obesity

· Rosacea


... and many other conditions



 Dr Angelina literally saved my life. I had an undiagnosed autoimmune condition which several of Denver’s top gynecologists and fertility specialists ignored and overlooked. I was diagnosed only after she ordered a simple blood test. Most doctors make me feel rushed but she is calm, asks many questions and listens. She also went one step further, she referred me to a specialist in another state who I consulted with to attain deeper clarity about my condition. Without hesitation, she deserves my highest recommendation. Also, Dr Angelina’s rates are fair when compared with other Functional Medicine doctors in the area, and considering she seems to take time to research all avenues to find a diagnosis.


 I consulted with Dr Angelina after a decade long diagnosis for IBS-C. A well respected Gastroenterologist prescribed a muscle relaxer for over 10 years yet the medication gave me no relief. I decided to try the functional medicine approach with Dr Angelina. She suggested a series of tests to find the root of my problem which turned out to be dietary gut allergies to particular foods. Once I completely eliminated these products from my diet, along with a few other natural remedies I’m no longer on medication and I have never felt healthier! I've never had a doctor that truly listened to me as well as she has, and I will forever be indebted to her. 

D. & L. B.

I will be honest with you, I first saw Dr Angelina because my wife made the appointment and insisted I go. I did need to lose weight to ease the burden on my joints from my osteoarthritis and to improve my diabetes. Dr. Angelina is patient and attentive, she heard each question I had and answered each thoroughly, and asked probing questions. She used my medical history, physical exam, laboratory testing, and follow up appointments to come up with a treatment plan I was comfortable with and could follow without any problem.  Dr. Angelina is caring, warm, and friendly and yet always professional; I trust her completely. I trust her because I followed her advice and reached my weight goals, and I ate well while doing it!